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Engagement Session Leader — Former Theater Performer, Cross Community Pollinator, 27 years old

“We are trying things out in a completely new territory — no one has ever been here before. It often feels quite paralysing. We need to try and test stuff, and it is ok if it doesn’t work, because this is all new. It is pioneering innovative work — it is emotionally draining to work with uncertainty.”

Hi! My name is Anna. 6 years ago I moved to Glasgow from Greece and started a job at the Collective Community. I used to perform in a small theatre company and was always considered a people-person by my friends and family. People at the Collective Community say I am very empathetic and a great communicator. At the Collective Community, I am in charge of leading engagement sessions. Thanks to my background as an actor, I easily get people up on their feet and love to create entertaining engagement sessions. My main concern is to make sure my neighbours are first feeling like a tight community before they can engage in creating their future or solving issues.

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Citizen, Looking for a job — Former Local Shop Owner

“The importance of community spirit, that is our extended family.”

Hi! I am Alan, I live in Pollok with my partner. We both moved to Glasgow 10 years ago. I used to work in a local Polish shop but it closed one year ago so I have lost my job. Since then I am unemployed. A lot of the customers were also Polish, and I became friends with some of them. Sometimes I miss the community we left in Poland so it is great to be able to communicate in my native language, it connects me to the life I had back there.

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Data Collector — Former Postman, Cross Community Pollinator, 38 years old

It is difficult to have a common voice. People need to feel that they are in dialogue, that they are part of something. Storytelling and creative ways of engaging can build this trust and connection with the community.”

Hello, I’m Kyle, my role in the Collective Community is Data Collector. I am responsible for gathering data and paying close attention to those who might be missing from engagements and activities. I respond to community interventions and try to predict and shape the future of democratic interventions. On top of that, a very important aspect of my role is to feedback local representatives and communities. I close the feedback loop! People think I’m quite eccentric because I have tried almost every haircut and I own about 250 different ties. This always makes them smile. I am often recognised on the street: the perks of being a postman for the last fifteen years! I usually end up having friendly chats about everyday life.

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Community Learning Center Officer — Former Hairdresser, 40 years old

“We are trying to create moments that are about fun, play and celebration to enable people to look out of their challenges. We need to bring play into things, like the kind of stuff that makes you feel good while you are working together and building relationships.” “We need to create opportunities for people to encounter. I believe that green spaces play a huge role in the future of participatory democracy.”

Hi there! I’m Iona. A few years ago I used to be a hairdresser. My favourite part of the job was to chat with my clients while taking care of them. I actually used to call myself a care worker. Seeking for some change in my life, I applied for a role at the Community Learning Centre and I got it! On a day to day basis, my mission is to connect with ‘community experts’, like Joe, the local gardener, to see if their knowledge embedded in the community could be shared in sessions. I think my previous profession made me quite an expert in the community: people open up a lot to hairdressers… I try to support people empowering each other. Together, we develop methods to learn – for example through making or walking.

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Elected Representative — Former Grassroots Leader, 46 years old

“The Council has more impact on people’s day to day lives than anything else. Moving forward we need to foster dialogue and build trust. The CCI is already doing that. We can work more effectively and quickly with flexible approaches and things don’t fit in pockets.”

Hi! I am Marie. I was not always a ‘politician’… I actually don’t have the traditional profile of one. I was part of a grassroots organisation in my neighbourhood for more than fifteen years. I care so much about my job… a little too much according to my friends. I know that change and progress happen very slowly, this is why I try to keep myself connected and informed about the communities I represent and work closely with local organisations and citizens who actually are the real experts.

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