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About this project

Collaborative Futures brought together a multidisciplinary team from across the Innovation School at GSA and the Centre for Civic Innovation (CCI) – comprising of two students studying on the Master of European Design programme; two graduates of the Master of Design Innovation programme; and two members of the CCI team – a graphic designer and service design-researcher.  The team is diverse in cultural, academic and professional backgrounds, and share a collective interest in engaging communities and understanding the world for a better, more equitable future. 

The project centred Glasgow’s food futures and what local neighbourhood ecosystems for Social Innovation could look and feel like in 2031. 

Aligned to CCI’s emerging model for embedding design within neighbours in Glasgow, the team engaged with citizens to explore and co-design preferable future experiences for local communities, their cultures, and the places and spaces their inhabit.

Key Insights / Opportunities

Support and care for all

How might we create a neighbourhood- led care system that actively supports the well-being of all?

Neighbourhoods of Inclusive Care

Spaces for collective
growth & opportunity

What kinds of spaces might be used to support collective growth and equal opportunity within neighbourhoods? How might this support economic resilience for the people of Glasgow?

Neighbourhoods of Economic Resilience

New narratives for

How might we support diverse communities to have a seat at
the table for improved decision making? How might neighbourhood storytelling help create a sense of belonging and common identity?

Neighbourhoods of Living Stories & Open Data

Dignity of Choice

How might we better enable equal access to resources for all local inhabitants?

Neighbourhoods of Inclusive Growth

Valuing local
neighbourhood systems

How might local initiatives help to address local needs, to transform neighbourhoods and citizens in more meaningful ways?

Neighbourhoods of Learning & Growing

Key Entry Points

Research Cards

We turned our research into a set of cards for evidencing our work and creating inspiration for new ideas.

Test it out by shuffling the cards below. Or download the set to see how they might be useful for your work.

Presentation Video

The Future of Food in Glasgow

Collaborative Futures is a design project that connects students from the Glasgow School of Art with the greater community and industry to tackle societal future challenges. This year the project is in partnership with Glasgow City Council’s Centre for Civic Innovation. The hope is to collaboratively make solutions for the future that are more inclusive and citizen led.

This year’s topic is all about food, and specifically ‘Glasgow’s Food Futures: Local Ecosystems of Social Innovation in 2031.” The topic questions how the city might look and behave differently in 10 years’ time. Our research seeks to understand how place, neighbourhood, and inhabitants impact and influence food systems and vice versa. What will the future foodscapes of Glasgow look like: what are we eating, how are we forming communities/neighbourhoods, where does our food come from, and who or what is missing from the equation?

Project Activities / Events

1. Project Launch Event
28th September 2021
Introduction to the project with students, staff and project partners

2. Research and Fieldwork
October 2021
Desk research and engagement with CCI and, citizens and stakeholders

3. Synthesis Workshop
25th – 29th October 2021
Led by studio Andthen

4. Next and New Workshop
8th – 12th November 2021
An exploratory workshop with CCI, led by studio Andthen

5. Designing the Future World and Knowledge Artefacts
15th – 19th November 2021
The development of a speculative 2031 future world and its inhabitants

6. Co-design Sessions with Citizens
November and December 2021
Workshops with CCI, citizens and experts to co-design the future world and its artefacts

7. Analysis and Communication
January 2022
Consolidation, communication and presentation of the work

8. Co-evaluation with Citizens
January 2022
Co-evaluation and final refinement of the design proposal with citizens

9. Final Presentation to CCI and GCC
28th January 2022
Presentations of the work to the Centre of Civic Innovation, Glasgow City Council and partners.

Project Partner


CCI is a pioneering citizen-centred design team within GCC, responsible for establishing a design-led approach to the understanding of societal shifts and civic experiences within the city. They are developing and inspiring a network of designers and solvers across the breadth of the city to enthuse and empower citizens to co-design the city they want to live in.

Project Leads:

Kirsty Ross, (Academic Project Lead. Lecturer in Product Design, GSA Innovation School), Stevie McGowan, (Partner Lead. Creative Design Lead, Centre For Civic Innovation, Glasgow City Council), Dr Marianne McAra, (Project Researcher. Creative Engagement Research Fellow, GSA Innovation School)

Project Team
Amandine Fong, MEDes final year student
Hannah Roche, MEDes final year student
Katie Upsdale, GSA Graduate Designer
Lydia Stewart, GSA Graduate Designer
Heather Hamilton, Design Research / Service Design (CCI)
Chris Jamieson, Designer, Centre For Civic Innovation

Project Contributors

We would also like to thank all of the participants from our expert and citizen engagement sessions and workshops, as well as the following individuals and organisations for their invaluable contributions to our project.

Centre for Civic Innovation, Glasgow City Council / John Campbell, Innovation Lead, Centre For Civic Innovation / Mafalda Moreaud, Neighbourhood Designer, Centre For Civic Innovation / Euan McGlynn, Storyteller, Centre For Civic Innovation / Marie McLelland, Economic Development Officer, Glasgow City Council / Guy Wells, Data Scientist, Centre For Civic Innovation / Christina Millar, Data Scientists, Centre For Civic Innovation / Irene Bell, Programme Leader for Product Design / Zoë Prosser, Lecturer in Social Design / Rachael Sleight, Lecturer in Sustainable Materials and Processes / Robert McCaffrey, Lecturer in Design for Experience / Gaston Welisch, Research Associate

With thanks to:

Studio AndThen
Santini Basra, Founding Director
Freyja Harris, Designer and Researcher

Village Storytelling Centre
Helen Mill

Neil McGuire and Neil Scott

Civic House
Abigale Neate Wilson

We would also like to thank our co-design Collaborators:
Hayley Ross – Sales Manager, Blackthorn Salt / Joe Boyle – RSPB , Giving Nature a Home Project Officer / Kenny McCubbin – Co-Ordinator, Shettleston Community Growing Project / Mandy Morgan, Councillor – Glasgow City Council / Rebecca Reynolds – Community Activator, GCFN and Urban Roots / Rhys Williams – University Literature Lecturer – Glasgow / Sally Morris – Local Food Distribution Manager Grassroots Allotmenteer – Glasgow / Youth Worker – Glasgow / Seed Saver – Glasgow 

And we thank all the people we interviewed: 
Alan Davidson – Economic Development Manager, Glasgow City Council / Aleksi Vesaluoma – Biodesigner/Maker, Caracara Collective, Finland / Cheryl Akner Koler – Professor in Theoretical and Applied Aesthetics, Konstfack University College of Arts, Crafts and Design, Course Leader of Back to the Land 2.0., Sweden / Déborah Ricard – Ecosystem Engineer, Domaine du Possible, France / Gabby Morris – Food Design Researcher, Glasgow / Haarland Sinclair – Cultural Policy Researcher, UKLéo Bouvet – Agriculture Engineer, Sur La Route de Nos Assiettes, France / Louise MacKenzie – Group Policy Manager, Glasgow City Council / Marie McLelland – Economic Development Officer, Glasgow City Council / Max Johnson – Co-Director, The Wash House Garden, CIC., Glasgow / Nathan Atkinson – Co-Founder Rethink Food, UK / Siobhan Boyle – Health Improvement Lead, Glasgow City Health and Social Care Partnership / Will Brown – Founder of Return To Nature, Glasgow / Toby Hodgkin – Research Advisor, Platform for Agrobiodiversity Research / Food Marketplace Researcher, UK / Seaweed Farm, Scotland / Harvest Event Organiser, Scotland / Grower, Glasgow

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