People, their roles, and the communities that they inhabit are central in our stories of the future. By equipping citizens we enable them to create an environment they love, respect, and care for together creating a more equitable and mutual relationship between city and citizen.

Roles that exist today, such as economic development officer, councillor, community activator are now embedded within local communities and have new expanded forms, that feed insight into decision making, support learning and skills development, supporting communities of practice across the city.

Grower for Wellbeing

The garden is supervised by the Grower for Well-being, who encompasses similar activities as a support worker, therapist, health practitioner, educator and grower. They provide a safe space, augmenting traditional social and health care services for therapeutic growing and learning.


The development of the local economy is supported by the Eco-Economist. This role expands the focus of the current Economic Development Officers to include a remit around environmental impact, helping to drive economic change that is more sustainable and regenerative for nature and the delicate ecologies within the city.

Community Sensemaker

The Sensemaker expands current Data Scientist and Storyteller roles to create a new kind of role and function, responsible for understanding, analysing and telling the stories gathered from people living in the city. They give voice to people in Glasgow, curating their stories within the Living Archive.

Community Connector / Mentor

The Community Connector and Mentor heads up the Learning Centre. This person has a deep understanding of their local environment, and acts as a central source of knowledge and skills access in communities. They can connect the strengths of one citizen with the needs of another, or might redirect someone to an institution like the Centre for Local Economy.

Neighbourhood Designer

Supporting the development of design literacy involves the Neighbourhood Designer – an existing role within the CCI that looks for opportunities, reviews insights, and supports problem solving and creative decision making. In the future, we imagine each Neighbourhood Hub would also include an Innovation Incubator to provide space and resources for close collaboration with the community.

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