The Future
of Cancer
in the Post-
Covid World

An exhibition of design explorations in to the future of living and working with cancer

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About this project

Kirsty Ross (Lecturer in Product Design, GSA) and Nicol Keith (Professor of Molecular Oncology, GU) discuss the focus and structure of this years Future Experiences project

This project is a speculative design exploration into future experiences of working and living with cancer ten years from now, where advances in collective intelligence have evolved to the extent that new forms and ecosystems of medical practice, cancer care and experiences of living with, through and beyond cancer transform how we interact with each other, with health professionals and the communities around us. 

The GSA Innovation School’s final year Product Design students and faculty formed a dynamic community of practice with cancer practitioners and researchers from the Institute of Cancer Sciences at The University of Glasgow and beyond to envisage a 2030 cancer blueprint as a series of future world exhibits, and create the designed products, services and experiences for the people who might live and work within this ecosystem. 

If collective intelligence holds the potential to truly connect people to people, and people to data, across diverse communities, linking peoples’ lived experiences locally and globally, what kinds of new health and care services might emerge to improve cancer control across the continuum from prevention, detection, treatment and survivorship, and what types of new roles might emerge for citizens, patients and community groups to collaboratively drive these forward with health professionals? 

Digital Identifier and Open Scholarship: The Future of Cancer and Collective Intelligence in the Post-Covid World (Project dataset collection which is part of the University of Glasgow Enlighten Repository)

By uploading the project to this data repository, it becomes part of the Open Scholarship programme. This helps generate ongoing interest around the research, creating a legacy that is anchored to the institutes and people involved in its creation. Attributing a digital identifier (DOI) affirms the project’s significance as a valuable example of academic study.

Open Scholarship Repository

Project Worlds


Project Launch Event

5 October 2020
Briefing and introduction to the project with students, staff and project partners

AndThen Workshop One

8 + 9 October 2020

Future Worlds Workshop

13 + 14 October 2020
Led by Brian Proudfoot

Expert Input Session One

15 October 2020

Part One Review

23 October 2021
Interim review of the group stages of students work on the six worlds

AndThen Workshop Two

28 + 29 October 2020

Expert Input Session Two

5 November 2020

Expert Input Session Three

24 November 2020

Part Two Review

2 + 3 December 2020
The culmination of the taught part of the project with student project reviews

Project Partner

Institute of Cancer Sciences, University of Glasgow

The Institute of Cancer Sciences is part of a national centre of excellence in the fight against cancer. They carry out a programme of world-class science directed at understanding the molecular changes that cause cancer. They are working to translate scientific discoveries into new drugs or diagnostic and prognostic tools that benefit cancer patients, taking new therapies through preclinical and clinical trials. The Institute of Cancer Sciences is a major component of the Cancer Research UK West of Scotland Cancer Centre.


Project Experts

Rob Jones

Professor of Clinical Cancer Research

Rob is Professor of Clinical Cancer Research at the University of Glasgow and a medical oncologist consultant at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre.  He is the Director of the Cancer Research UK Clinical Trials Unit at Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre.


Nicol Keith

Professor of Molecular Oncology and Director of Research Impact for the Institute of Cancer Sciences, University of Glasgow

Catherine Hanna

Senior Oncology Trainee at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre

Catherine is a senior oncology trainee at the Beatson West of Scotland Cancer Centre where she has trained in delivery of systemic anti-cancer agents and radiotherapy. As the current the CRUK Clinical Trials Fellow at the CRUK Glasgow Clinical Trials Unit she is undertaking PhD research looking at the real life impact of cancer trials.


Chris Halsey

Senior Clinical Lecturer and an Honorary NHS Consultant Paediatric Haematologist

Chris is a Senior Clinical Lecturer and an Honorary NHS Consultant Paediatric Haematologist. She carries out her NHS clinical duties at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Glasgow, where she cares for children with a wide range of malignant and non-malignant blood disorders. Her research laboratory is based in the Institute of Cancer Sciences. Chris is immediate past Chair of the ICS VOICE Committee (Visibility, Opportunity, Inclusion, Career development, Equality).


Leena Mukherjee

NHS Education for Scotland (NES) Clinical Lecturer and Medical Oncologist


Kevin Blyth

Professor of Respiratory Medicine in Glasgow

Kevin splits his time between the CRUK Beatson Institute/University of Glasgow and the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital. He is Director of the Macmillan Scottish Mesothelioma Network, which coordinates clinical care and access to trials for Mesothelioma patients in Scotland. His research program is focused on pleural and lung disease, with a particular emphasis on thoracic cancers.

Joanna Prentice

Honorary Clinical Senior Lecturer at the Institute of Cancer Sciences

A specialist in palliative medicine. She is a lead for the UofG Palliative Care online distance learning course.


Jonathan Chiwanda

National Cancer Coordinator & Deputy Head of the non-communicable disease (NCD) Unit, Malawi Ministry of Health.

Member of the Malawi National COVID 19 Task Force.

Zdenko Herceg

Head of the Section (Mechanisms of Carcinogenesis) and the Group (Epigenetics Group) at International Agency for Research on Cancer

Zdenko’s research focuses on causes of cancer, mechanisms of cancer development and identification of epigenetic-based biomarkers of environmental exposures and cancer risk. Zdenko is also a painter amateur exploring how art can perk up science.


Anouk Berger

Head of Education and Training Group, International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC)/WHO, Lyon

Anouk specialises in training design, E-learning and human resource capacity development.


Mia Perry

Senior Lecturer in Community Development and Adult Education

Mia is the co-Director of the Sustainable Futures in Africa.  She specialises in literacies and learning, arts and cultural production, and methodologies of research and teaching. Mia’s work in education spans inside and outside schools, community and public contexts, digital and informal learning.

Sustainable Futures in Africa


Jude Robinson

Professor of Health and Wellbeing and the Deputy Head of the College of Social Sciences at the University of Glasgow

Jude is a social anthropologist researching in the field of critical public health. Her research centres on developing understandings of how people can develop and sustain their health and wellbeing outside conventional health care settings, with a particular interest in the health of women and their children living on low income.


Olivia Wu

Professor of Health Technology Assessment and Director of the Health Economics and Health Technology Assessment (HEHTA) Research Unit at University of Glasgow

Olivia is also Director of the National Institute for Health Research (NIHR) Complex Reviews Support Unit (CRSU) – a national methods support unit for evidence synthesis.    

Jon Cooper

The Wolfson Chair in Biomedical Engineering at the University of Glasgow

Jon’s major research interests are in imaging, ultrasonics and medical diagnostics.

Healthcare Quest  


Jim Caryl

Jim is a research and communications professional, specialising in healthcare research consultancy, investigative science writing/editing and knowledge exchange/impact assessment. He is an Impact Officer at the UofG.  


Alan Bilsland

Senior Scientific Officer at the CRUK Beatson Institute

Alan’s research interests are in artificial intelligence (AI) applications in cancer drug discovery

Marion Bennie

Professor of Pharmacy Practice at Strathclyde Institute of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences

Marion holds a senior joint appointment with NHS in Scotland as Chief Pharmacist, Public Health and intelligence, National Services Scotland which provides national and specialist services across Scotland.


Alan Keith

Independent past-patient stakeholder

Alan is an independent expert who has lived with and beyond cancer.

Staff and Course Tutors

Bob McCaffrey, Zoe Prosser, Mil Stricevic, Kaitlyn DeBiasse, Janet Kelly, Irene Bell, Santini Basra, Freya  Harris, Brian Proudfoot, Gordon Hush, Kirsty Ross, Nicol Keith

Digital Health & Care Institute (DHI) Expert group

Don McIntyre, Gemma Teal, Sneha Raman, Jay Bradley