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Our future world of cancer care and treatment is one of transparency and empathy, technology will become more humanised due to collective knowledge and communication across medical disciplines. Staff will have the shared responsibility of supporting each other for their own mental health in order to protect the patient. Individuals working within departments will be connected both locally and globally, sharing knowledge and expertise for the benefit of the patients.

In light of COVID-19, treatment at home will be supported by remote tracking of patient data and humanised technology, allowing the patient to have more control over their treatment. The future of care and treatment is built upon the foundations of a patient network, all stakeholders involved with the patient from diagnosis to beyond cancer will share responsibility for them with a recognition that no matter how small of role, every cancer worker must all take part otherwise the eco-system fails. This system will allow for new conversations not previously being had and stronger staff communications along the patient journey.

This holistic care approach is represented as a metaphor of the patient riding a bike that is powered by staff communication. 

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