Sian Mackay Teabreak

Graduate Showcase

About this project

Teabreak exists within the future world of cancer care and treatment where communication is key, to not only protect the patients but support the staff. In light of Covid, remote working is having a detrimental impact on staff mental health, with workers feeling isolated and digitally fatigued. After extensive user research into staff feeling burnt, out I identified the opportunity to reciprocate these casual conversations remotely, beyond scheduled meetings.

Teabreak is a tangible communication device, allowing you to chat with any cancer worker almost instantly on your break. Exploring the intimacy of immediacy, not only does it allow staff to chat with their colleagues remotely, there is also the opportunity to chat with new people globally, thus making new connections. Each staff member has a unique 3 part code which is arranged on to the smart tea tray in order to be easily contacted. This prompts the app which connects you with a colleague for a chat.



Project Storyboards