World Personal Wellbeing

Dating in 2030… Your HRF will become a crucial part of your life, even affecting the people you hang out with, and who you date/who wants to date you.
Living in 2030… People in specific roles will receive perks for being working in roles within healthcare. Those perks are not only rewards for holding a well-respected profession (medicine-oriented) in the society but also as a tool to keep the key workers healthy, too. The exemplar coffee break is a physical and mental break from work related stress.
Ordering Food in 2030… Your HRF monitors your diet daily, ensuring that you are maintaining a healthy, balanced diet. Depending on what you have eaten that day, your HRF score will indicate what food you should add to an order or swap to, to ensure you have met your daily nutrition goals.

About this project

After Covid-19 pandemic the world changed.. The UK decided to never let something of this severity happen again and to take more precautions in the future. By 2030 the UK became a health focused society. In order to track health risks, the Ministry of Health started calculating health risk factors for every citizen, with the H.R.F (Health Risk Factor). News broadcasts regularly have alerts issued by the ministry of health. This is all so people with high HRF can take necessary precautions whenever they might be exposed to danger to their health, for example rising cases of flu in their area or pollution cloud.

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