Eilidh Young Future Stories

Graduate Showcase

About this project

People and patients are the face of the system, Future Stories.

The creation of Future Stories is a service that is dependant on neighbourhood interactions with a community-focused mindset. The community aspect is built through people sharing their own stories of mental health and cancer. The system is built up of people who have gone through treatment themselves and can therefore give honest, sensitive support. Those who are in the system who are going through cancer will receive support every step of the way.

The aim of Future Stories is to help people who are going through their cancer and have been affected by mental health immediate support. Commonly, if a patient is in need of support for a mental health issue they could be waiting months to be referred for help and treatment. When a patient makes the decision to ask for help, they are in need of immediate support, many do not realise that help is unreachable.

Future Stories. will put patients in touch with relatable people who have been affected by cancer personally, whether it it has been a family member or themselves. Therefore, this will ultimately help people in the system to be built back up emotionally. It will encourage others to speak up and participate, eventually instilling the mindset of helping others.

The system will open up a conversation to vulnerable people, those who are dealing with cancer and who have developed a mental health issue because if the disease.

According to the NHS, 1 in 2 people will develop some form of cancer during their lifetime, in the UK. Therefore, encouraging community conversations is vital to future attitudes towards cancer. Cancer is undoubtedly a hard subject matter. The system will try to change people’s perspective and encourage those to open up and share their journey and be supported along the way.

Future Stories will have a physical presences in the form of real people who have gone through similar journeys as well as a digital presence to offer more flexible support. Information will be gathered by collective community intelligence and resources/ accounts donated by people.