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Inequality surrounds many aspects of cancer development. Over 30,000 cancer cases in the UK each year are attributable to socioeconomic factors, obesity being a major factor. Around 23,000 cancers in the UK each year are caused by obesity, and children from poorer areas are twice as likely to be obese than children in more affluent areas.

This project looks at the future of cancer prevention through supporting young families to make healthy choices for their children. I’ve designed a network, within which healthcare services and community agencies work together with the food industry to develop a more proactive and inclusive family support network.

There is currently no connection between maternity care within hospitals and maternity/postnatal services within communities. This project explores the opportunities and benefits of a more connected family care system through collective intelligence.

Research from interviews with early-years dieticians, community midwives and cancer experts has been used to develop the story of Lindsay, a 21 year old carer living in Ardrossan, North Ayrshire. Through the Family Support Network map we follow Lindsay’s 2020 experience of motherhood interacting with the services in her area, and explore how her experience could be improved and enhanced in the future through collective intelligence.


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