Care: People-centred

The Balance of Care

The Balance of Care - a tool for Care engagement

About Care: People-centred

The ‘Balance of Future Care’ team focused on researching a future world centred around people and care. We started off our research by looking at past, present, and future trends and then understanding care throughout time up to 2050. Our team future world exhibit showcases our findings.

By 2031, we believe the world will be in a more complex and chaotic state than today. Our future world is one of post-normalcy and chaos.

Using the future world exhibit, participants have to make decisions based on limited resources about their hopes, desires, and care needs. Based on the theories of a causal loop, participants’ decisions will ultimately decide their final future world outcome. Our exhibit is there to show the delicate balance between our choices and their effects on the future of care.

Our exhibit could be a decision-making tool for practitioners working in care and citizens understanding different care needs.