Health: Environment-centred

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About Health: Environment-centred

OUR WORLD – A biophilic city which incorporates the GPP law which ensures everything thrives. Its focus is on the natural environment which includes the three stakeholders of air, water, earth.

A biophilic city is a place which has a respect for nature and the natural world and blends nature into our man-made environments.
The new way of living is enforced to not define ourselves above nature, but to define ourselves and a part of nature.

There is a balance again in the world between humans and the Earth, giving back as much as we take. There is also a focus on local change which will impact the global balance between humans and animals and a generally forward thinking approach within living and human navigation on the Earth. In our world, people will recognise that environmental health is just as important as theirs. So in our world, people will share the planet again and share resources and space.

This new way of living has been introduced and expected to adapt, grow and thrive beyond 2030.

Environmental health comes first, then humans will follow.