Health: People-centred

Future World Scene Setting: In the Kitchen

Video slide show documenting artefacts from our Future World Exhibit

About Health: People-centred

We define health as being physical, mental and social.

Topics such as inequalities, food, education and mental health became key themes during the research phase of the project and remained throughout our project’s entirety.

Our future world exhibit captures a moment within the 2031 world. By setting the scene in a kitchen, we can represent family values through the narration of artefacts. Each artefact we have designed is illustrative of the future world and is reflective of the symbiotic relationships that exist within it, focusing on themes of Future Foods and Global Connectivity.

The exhibit embodies a white cube style aesthetic, allowing the attention to be on the artefacts themselves. We were keen to design responsibly by creating an exhibition using found objects and upcycled materials.

Our immersive, person centred exhibition is designed to be inclusive in a way that is open to all. We invite communities to engage with our work.